Forum Title: Roofing Contractor Associations ‚Why? (or why not?)
So I am a big fan of roofing contractor associations. I wrote this a long time ago so instead of rewriting my opinions I am plagiarizing myself. ?I am the world?s biggest anti-joiner and I avoid anything political at all costs but I know I Can't complain about the way of the world if I didn't step forward and vote, so I do. Then I can bitch and moan because at least I tried. I am not talking about the need of a sense of community. The RoofersCoffeeShop Forum fills the need of us having a roofing brotherhood. Our guys help each other with advice and support but our group doesn?t use It's power for changing the industry. We just help each other. I am talking about changing the industry. Our roofing world is a little smaller so maybe we could make a difference. Today our industry is getting regulated and not regulated to death. Someone posted on the RoofersCoffeeShop Today'saying that ?It's a race to the bottom?. So what can we do? Well, I think we could figure out what the Local and National Trade Associations are doing and if they are helping us, let's support them. Don't like meetings? Just pay dues. I understand that by reaching out to your local industry you may be discussing business practices with your competitors. OK, so sharing marketing tips is not productive. So that may not be the avenue for you. There are state and multi-state organizations out there ? check out what they do. There is no ulterior motive in my views on this. I am not promoting any one Trade Association. I am just saying It's not always a good ?ol boys club. It's not always political. There are actually a few idealistic un-jaded people out there promoting and trying to protect us roofers. We need to find out who they are and support them so they can do the work we are not willing to do. If every roofer belonged to some sort of trade association our trade would become powerful. We need to band together. let's end on our race to the bottom, fix ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start climbing again.? I actually belI've that we have turned this corner and are beginning the awareness we need to build some clout in our industry. So I ask your opinion, Associations ? Why or Why Not?
Category: Roofing Post By: HENRY S (Charlotte, NC), 03/15/2018

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