Forum Title: How has roofing changed for your area of expertise over the years?
I've been involved with residential roofing for over 32 years now, since 1985 and many things have changed along the way. Some for the better and some not, depending on who you ask. Concerning advancements in equI'ment, there has been tremendous improvement. I Don't think anyone would disagree with that. When I first started out, we would pick up the supplies in a regular old single cab pick up truck and load them up on the roof by hand. If the roof was low enough, we would stand on top of the stacks and pass them up, holding the bundles up over our heads at times. If not, we would unload them onto the ground and carry them up the ladder on our shoulders. Compare that to ladder elevators, boom trucks, etc. :laugh: After getting all the new shingles out of the truck and the tear off into it, we would get two or three guys to go to the landfill carrying a pick ax with them to jab into the pile and drag it out the back. That was some ridiculously hard work there my friend. Sometimes we would do work for someone who provided an old dump truck but these old trucks were pretty rough and no comparison to Today's dump trailers. And of course we nailed the roofs by hand, however we were all pretty fast at it. Some of us nailing on over 20 squares in a day at times. Somewhere around 15 was just a normal day. The I'vention of the nail gun has made it where any old Joe could get fast at laying shingles pretty quickly but I belI've that this has led to a great reduction in the quality of the average roofing installation and also led to more do it your selfers adding even more so to the lower quality. Concerning products, part of me wants to say the I'vention of laminate/dimensional shingles improved the quality as just about all roofs back then were 3-tab shingles but being in the repair business for many years now, I see tremendous problems with these dimensional shingles coming off steep slope roofs all the time. But a lot of that goes back to the reduction in the quality of the installation mentioned above. However fairly often, I see these type shingles coming apart and only the bottom half sliding off the roof as they are made in two pieces and just glued together. Today's low slope products are far and above the old rolled roofing that was commonly used back in the day. That one?s a lock. Then tHere's all the different types of underlayment used today. I wouldn?t argue with anyone saying synthetic, etc is much better than the old stuff, yet at the same time I personally Don't think it matters much as they didn't even use any underlayment at all on some roofs back then. Concerning labor, Again it depends on who you ask. I'm pretty sure most of Today's Contractors will tell you that the I'migrant labor used by most of them these days is much better than us ole Americans. And it may be as of Today's date but back in the day, 4-5 of us good ole boy roofers could put a real arse whooping on a 35-40 square roof in a single day and that was using hammers instead of guns and our shoulders and legs instead of ladder elevators. Concerning Sales and Marketing, the internet has made it where you can get a lot more information about your company out to a lot more people more easily than ever before and you can put up or take down your advertisements at any time instead of having to wait until the end of the year to change or cancel your yellow page ad. :laugh: Concerning Insurance, Back in the day, if there was a hail or wind storm the insurance companies would just tell the homeowners to call around and get three quotes and then pick someone to do the roof. But today, if your work area is ever hit by enough hail to make it onto the hail swath reports subscribed to by'all the storm chasers, 80-90 percent of your marketing efforts will be to no avail and you?ll have to go around beating on doors promising the moon and stars if you expect to get much work out of it. Personally, I think this change has led to another reduction in quality. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a life long roofer that was born the son of a life long roofer! How have things changed over the years in your area of expertise?
Category: Roofing Post By: Fred K. (Plano, TX), 02/12/2018

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