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This H&S stuff is getting out of control here. I just got awarded a $6k new construction residential TPO job and the Builder has asked for a full Safety document package for my work. Normally I?d only have to do this for commercial work where a Main Contractor was running the project. Because It's TPO, I Don't have a H&S package made up, all the ones I have done so far have been residential for smaller builders. I had to take an old asphalt product as a template and change all the details to plastic sheet. So as well as the basic 4 page Safety on the Construction Site doc I use for everything, to which I had to add a few paragraphs about Working at Heights; there is; Site Specific Hazard Identification doc (1 page) A Health and Safety Policy Statement (as a company director)(1 page) Installation Safety Method Statement (what I'm going to do and what the hazards in doing so are)(2 pages) then attach MSDS?s for the Adhesives and the Weathered Membrane Cleaner (4 pages) The hardest one was the hazard ID on site, as I have never been asked to do a Working at Heights section before, and really had to think that through, what you actually do on site is hard to explain in words. Basically It's Don't fall off the roof or let your roofing junk fall on someone else, but it took 4 paragraphs to get the thing down in detail. I went to the web site of the equivalent of your OSHA here and luckily found some documents I could take stuff from. I'm glad they had those, it just seems fair that if they come up with all these BS requirements, that they should have the Codes and Best Practises written down somewhere for people to access. As it is I spent a lot of time reading the new H&S regulations that came out this year, just to make sure I hadn't missed anything new. So 5 hours time spent. In that time I?d likely have half the damn roof down. Where do I get my time back in $? Well you Don't, if I had thrown in an extra 5hrs in the quotation I'm pretty sure I wouldn?t have got the job (based on price) But if you Don't comply you are not even in the running to get the job in the first place. Oh well at least the template for further TPO work is done now. Then at the end of it all there will be; A substrate inspection doc. (which I have to fill out before I start as part of the warranty application) 2 page Guarantee doc. to fill out and send off to the material supplier A Contractor Producer Statement A Licenced Producer (Roofer)Record A Workmanship Guarantee The paperwork is getting unbelievable.
Category: Roofing Post By: Ed Monroe (San Francisco, CA), 02/19/2018

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