Forum Title: Ever been tipped with free food?
The other day we had a job that took nearly 7 hours. Right before break the wife of the home came out and offered to buy the 5 of us lunch. She said she was getting pizza for her kids. So we ended up getting free pizza which was nice of her. She got 3 large pizzas for us. You ever been tipped with food?
Category: Roofing Post By: LUCY FRAZIER (New Orleans, LA), 02/11/2018

I‚ve been given free drinks and snacks before. No one has ever bought us a pizza. You got lucky with that one. I‚d work twice as hard if I knew free pizza was involved.

- GEORGE D (Seattle, WA), 03/12/2018

On smaller jobs yes but when there is a full crew, the most we get offered is a drink like soda or water.

- ELLEN MUNOZ (Sandy Springs, GA), 04/03/2018

Me and two other guys were re-shingling an old garage and the husband had to leave for work. The wife was already gone when we got there. Around noon she showed up with 3 bags filled with burgers and fries from McDonalds. It was really nice of her. Only happened once.

- ALICIA MCCOY (Appleton, WI), 05/19/2018

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